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Custom Baseboard Cover Order Form

To order your cover, please start by selecting your dimensions in the following fields. When measuring, please be sure you are measuring the wall space the heater takes up. Covers will be measured starting from the left side. For straight covers, simple enter the size of your heater, then choose end at the right. For covers with corners, enter the width of the heater on the left side measuring from the wall to the end of the heater. Then choose whether the right side ends at an inside or outside corner. Once your selection is made, you will see a new section to enter the width of the next run of heater. Continue this until the end of the heater. Look for guide symbols along the way for additional help.

Please check here if you need a cutout for the cover to fit around your base trim on the left side

Please select how the left side of the heater starts:

Please check here if you need a cutout for the cover to fit around your base trim on the right side

Enter the actual height and depth of your heater. Please add 2.25" onto the height if you are measuring to the heater fins in a freestanding application and not to the top of the old metal cover.


Please enter the overall Height of your heater.




Please enter the overall depth of your heater.



Please Select the style you would like by selecting an image below:

(Please note that the top and bottom vent openings on shaker covers will be square by default regardless of choice selected)

Choose the detail you would like around the top of your cover

Choose the shape you would like the top cutout to be:

Choose the shape you would like the bottom cutout to be:

What finish option would you like for your cover?

Please note that unfinished and primed covers need to be finished on all sides with at least 2 coats of finish, on all surfaces, before putting the cover into use.


If your cover is behind a piece of furniture and you would like it to vent through the top, please select below whether you would like to move the top vent from the front to the top of the cover as shown below. This option adds $4 per ft to the total.

If you live near Rockland, Ma and wish to pick up your cover, please select the option below:

Additional notes:



Covers are custom made to order and will be ready in 10-14 days for unfinished covers and 14-20 days for primed or painted covers. Please check all of your measurements before ordering as we are not responsible for mistakes in the dimensions given to us. Please also note the material thickness used is 3/4". We add 1/4" to your dimensions for clearance around your heater. The overall size of your cover will be 1" taller and 1 1/4" deeper than the dimensions you provided. Where you are measuring to the end of the heater, the cover will be 1.25" longer on each end. Where measured to the Base trim, the dimension you provided will be the overall length not including the overhang on the top. Pleas make sure that when measuring to the base trim, you have 1" clear inside this dimension for the 3/4" material to fit. These dimensions include a 1/4" overhang for the top of the cover except when choosing the top venting option.

Please note that we do not reccomend covering electric heaters unless the manufacturer of the heater can attest to the safety of covering their product with an mdf cover with 1/4" of clearance. Covering heaters that run off of a steam or hot water based system is perfectly safe as temperatures are inherrantly limited due to the systems design and will always run well within a safe range under 200 degrees f.

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