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Welcome to Jay's Custom Covers! My name is Jay Patukonis, owner of Jay's Custom. The following is a brief history of how Jay's Custom Covers came to be. Were a small family run company. I hope this time-line and some examples of projects I have done over the years before focusing on the heater business full time, shows a bit of why we can pull off some of the best quality products on the market at the absolute best value. It takes years of experience in design and fabrication to have the reserve to design with simplicity and taste and have the skill to find ways of producing a quality custom products efficiently with fast turn around times, at an affordable price point. In 2003 I went into business for myself doing general contractor work doing small additions, kitchens and bathrooms. Along the way I found a bigger calling for my cabinet making skills than general carpentry. During this time I was working out of a 5X8 enclosed trailer with a basic set of tools. I acquired my knowledge of carpentry from attending Don Bosco Technical High School as well as 7 years of on the job training including 5 in downtown Boston working on both major and minor projects. I went through a full apprenticeship program during the first 3 years in Boston. Besides the formal training, I have had a knack for fixing and building from a very young age! In 2005 I rented space and started up my cabinet making business. With my basic set of tools I started small in a 250 sq ft space. After landing my first couple of jobs building a set of kitchen cabinets and a breakfast nook, I slowly started building my collection of tools and started expanding my shop space. Through word of mouth, I started finding more and more projects to work on. Between 2006 and 2007 I started making small pieces of furniture including radiator covers to sell through Ebay and my first website. In between larger projects I started filling my time making custom stemware racks, small bars, display racks, bench sets and heater covers. Any time business was slow, I found I could always make ends meet online. Over the years my customer base got larger and I started doing larger projects I started gaining a reputation for being able to tackle the projects that others either did not want to do or couldn't figure out how to do. I continued to do residential projects, but also started working on commercial projects as well. For a few more years I carried on doing projects large and small. I started putting more of a focus on online sales of heater covers since I could see how much of a demand there was for them, especially baseboard heater covers. My first designs were made of solid poplar and other hardwoods and were not easy to ship or very affordable. The hardwood would split from time to time. I researched what other products were on the market and decided to design a better product. After a year of testing almost every composite product on the market, I found the Ranger Board mdf we are currently using is the best material to make the covers from. I continued to perfect the way the new product assembled as well as shipped, etc. I also at the same time came up with our current design for standard cast iron radiator covers. After much effort, the current products were born. In August of 2013, I finally wrapped up my last big cabinet job, and it was a doozy! After completing an Orange Leaf frozen yogurt project which was about as complex as they come, I was finally in the position to transition to solely focusing on the heater cover business full time. Over the past 2 years, we have expanded the options offered, custom built equipment to fabricate the covers with in house and started growing the heater cover business. We take pride in the service we provide and the quality of our products. We offer unmatched options and the best value you will find. We do business with honesty and integrity the good old fashioned way. I hope you enjoy our products!