Please note that taking and returning phone calls can be difficult to impossible with the machinery in the shop running throughout the day. I strive to offer the absolute best support I can to my customers. I run a busy shop and there is no secretary.. we're just not that big yet! We ask all customers to communicate via this contact form or through direct emails. WE DO NOT TAKE ORDERS OVER THE PHONE, only via email or the online ordering system. To keep our pricing low and orders accurate, we are solely a web based business. We are set up to make and ship our covers throughought the country and do not have a retail location, though local customers are welcome to pick up their orders by appointment. We have found email to be the most accurate method of communication since we can always review a conversation to ensure order accuracy. We check and reply to messages throughout the day. At times we are inundated with messages and return them as quickly as time permits. There shouldn't be anything that cant be answered through email, especially considdering the added benefits of being able to send pictures, etc. At this time we are asking customers to reserve phone calls for billing questions only as required by our payment processor.