When a former customer rips off your product...

Published: 2017-09-18 - Topic:

For a little while we were selling to  I was selling them covers which they were turning around and selling to their customers for nearly double the price.  I backed away from selling to them after a few sales.  Earlier this year they came out with a new product they said they spent months working on according to their Facebook page.  I found their product stumbling upon a similar looking product on Etsy.  Come to find out that they put up multiple listings to probably attempt to overshadow my offerings.  Looking into it further, they made small tweaks to my design and used an almost identical assembly system for their product.  I was frustrated when I found this out at first, but quickly realized that as easy as it is to copy one product, they could never offer the variety of styles, options, freedom of design, nor value that we have been offering our customers for the past 7 years.  I added them to our price comparison page.  While I am sure what little they do have to offer is fine as a product, please don't pay nearly double the price for it.  

Here is our single v style cover:

and here is their close copy:



Why wood is better than metal for a heater cover

Published: 2015-06-05 - Topic: Heater covers

A common misconception with covering ones heater is that by using a metal cover, the metal will radiate the heat.  This view is common because yes, metal is a conductor and wood is an insulator, therefore the intelligent conclusion would be that metal is better.  The problem is the application of this information.  In the case of a heater, heat is transferred directly from your heating element or radiator to the air directly.  Air is tranferred into the room by the process of convection.  Cold air is heated by the heater and because the molecules are now more enegetic, they expand, becomming more bouyant than the surrounding air.  Your heater cover acts only as a chaber to contain this flow of air and dirrect it out into the room.  This process is the same way weather paterns work on Earth.

Wood based composite materials are better for the use as a heater cover for baseboard heaters, cast iron radiators and ptac covers for the following reasons:

  • Because wood is an insulator, the wood covers will not heat up as much as metal, adding an element of safety to prevent little fingers from burns and worse.
  • Wood looks better when creating a piece of furniture.  Wood being easier to work with allows more flexibility in design.
  • Wood is easier to repair when damaged.  Most people have no problem fixing a nich in a piece of wood trim, but would never attemp to repair a dent in their car.  This makes future maintainance much easier!
  • Wood is quieter.  Wood will resonate sound like metal.  Wood being an insulator also insulates sound better than metal.  Have a noisy heating system?  Wood will mask this noise better.
  • Wood composite have more of a quality feel than a thin sheet metal cover.  A wood cover is a piece of furniture.
  • wood wont rust!



A common misstep in baby-proofing your home

Published: 2015-05-31 - Topic: Heater covers

    A commonly overlooked step in babyproofing your home is covering your heaters.  Large cast iron heaters not only pose a general burn risk to little ones, but when they are in close proximity to furniture, they pose the risk of trapping children with horrible results.  Baseboard heaters get hot enough to burn, but also pose a safety risk due to the sharp parts.  The best solution is to cover up your heaters with a quality wood cover.  Wood is an insulator which unlike metal will not heat up enough to cause burns.  

At Jay's Custom Cover's we have quality heater cover solutions at a great value!.



New site is finally up

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We still have a bit more work to do, but the new site is finally live!



New Promo Video

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Check out our new promo video!



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