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Below you will see tabs with names of 6 other competing products on the market designed to cover baseboard heaters. I want to give simple pricing examples and general information about the products found on other websites, not bash or critique other products. When I started with my covers over 14 years ago, there were only 2 other competing offerings, Baseboarders and The Wooden Radiator Cover Company. Nobody was offering the type of covers I do. Since then, many have thought it was a good idea and decided to try to copy my designs, etc. I don't want to try to pick those other offerings apart. That would not only be distasteful to them, but unfare to my customers as well. I can only vouch for the quality of my covers and my track record for customer satisfaction. Most of my sales are from word of mouth. This page is designed to give my customers the ability to see some of the other options on the market in one place and the ability to make an informed decission on how they spend their hard earned money. In each competitor window just click on the name of the company to be taken to their website to learn more about their products. Here are some features I think make my covers stand out and I'm confident I offer the best value out there!:

  • All of our covers are custom built to your specs to give the best possible fit to your heaters.
  • We offer many style options to choose from to allow you to design a cover that fits your taste and decor.
  • We can accomodate covers with oversized heights and depths. Really there are no limits to sizing.
  • In addition to accomodating inside and outside corners, we can configure your cover to fit any angle you provide, such as around bow windows.
  • Our covers will not dent like thin plastic or metal covers and touch up like any wood trim in your house, making repairs easier.
  • Our covers will not rust and insulate far better from heat than a metal enclosures. Some metal covers mention conductivity as a selling point. That is irrelevant in a convective heater.
  • Pricing is fixed for heaters up to 9" high and 4" deep, giving customers a great value for even larger heaters.
  • There isn't much I havent seen over the years. I can accomodate just about any application. Have something unique, simply contact me for a solution!

Pricing is base on a straight 8 foot length of heater with closed end caps on each end. Pricing is based on figures obtained on 10/21/2022 and is subject to change. All options are for a fully finished white cover. (Dozer only offers primed).

Jay's Custom Covers

Least expensive solution:

White Satin flat front

$22.08 per ft

No charge for end caps, connectors or 90 degree corners

Total $220.80

Most expensive solution:

Recessed Panel Cover in white satin

$27.84 per ft

No charge for end caps, connectors or 90 degree corners

Total $278.40

Material: Ranger Board MDF

Please note that the least expensive option would be a flat front unfinished for $144.00 for an unfinished 8 foot cover. I offer my customers the option to save on cost and finish the covers themselves. If you opt to have your cover finished, you are getting a professionally sprayed high quality finish. I also offer the ability to choose to have your covers finished in a custom color! You will be hard pressed to find the number of options and flexibility that I offer anywhere on the market.


Only one style available:

$22.95 per ft

$31.93 per end cap

$31.93 per coupler

Total $247.96

Dozer Company

Least expensive solution:

Shaker style primed

$50.00 per ft

$0.00 per end cap

$0.00 per coupler

Total $400.00

Most expensive solution:

Classic style primed

$55.00 per ft

$0.00per end cap

$0.00 per coupler

Total $440.00

Poplar and MDF

Covers By Veil

Least expensive solution:

Standard aluminum

As low as $22.99 per ft

$23.99 per end cap

$23.99 per coupler

Total $221.79


Most expensive solution:


As low as$30.74 per ft

$23.99per end cap

$23.99 per splice plate

Total $293.93



Least expensive solution:

Atlas Aluminum Cover

As low as $30.74 per ft

$24.95 per end cap

$24.95 per coupler

Total $295.85

Most expensive solution:

Craftsman Style MDF

Price is assumed from 6' pricing on website as they only offer lengths from 3'-6'

Total $439.93

Metal or MDF

Cover Luxe

Most expensive solution:

Standard cover

$18.75 per ft

19.99 per end cap

$6.95 per snap cap

Total $179.99

Material: Plastic composite


Most expensive solution:

Standard cover

$70.00 per ft

150.00 per end cap

Total $860.00


Material: Cast aluminum

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