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  • Custom Baseboard Heater Covers

    Our covers are the best value you will find on the market. We combine just the right combination of quality craftsmanship, value and options to give our customers an end product that will not only fit their heaters, but also taste. We have a quickly growing selection of styles and options, giving an unmatched ordering experience. Each baseboard cover is designed and fabricated just for you. No stock sizes, no size restrictions, custom made means custom made! We strive to keep our pricing not only fair, but also translucent. We do not hide extra costs, don't charge for corners and end caps, most orders are priced using our simple per foot pricing structure. Our custom built ordering system allows you to not only price a cover, but also fully configure your cover and check out using our secure shopping cart. We offer quick turn around times and exceptional service!

    Please take a look at what we have to offer, we're confident we can make you a cover to fit your needs! Our covers are the perfect solution for use over any steam or hot water fed heater. Unfortunately we do not recommend our covers, or any cover for that matter for use over an electric heat source. We offer not only lots of designs to choose from, but also unique options such as top venting covers for use behind furniture as well as a child resistant backing which helps keep little fingers safe. If there's something you do not see or have questions, please let us know. If your ready to order, you can do so here.

    We offer 3 finish options on everything we sell; unfinished, primed and a white satin enamel. These finishes are professionally sprayed. The primed finish is ready to paint and is sandable if you want the smoothest of final finish (a quick pass with 220 grit paper is reccomended). The white satin is professionally sprayed on all surfaces over a sanded primed base coat.

    All our covers are constructed out of a premium Ranger Board mdf. This is by far the best material we have found that not only finishes well, but stands up to the fluctuating temperatures inside the cover without warping or splitting which is common with solid wood covers.

    All covers come flat packed, ready for very simple assembly. Covers longer than 47" will be divided into equal sections no longer than 47" with a v-groove transition between sections. This ensures stability of the cover, allows the cover to slightly contour to not so straight walls and allows us to ship your order as economically as possible while ensuring your order will arrive safely!

    Please note that we do not reccomend covering electric heaters unless the manufacturer of the heater can attest to the safety of covering their product with an mdf cover with 1/4" of clearance. Covering heaters that run off of a steam or hot water based system is perfectly safe as temperatures are inherrantly limited due to the systems design and will always run well within a safe range under 200 degrees f.

  • Here you will find info on all the options we currently offer with a description of each:

    Finish options

    Unfinished covers are a great way to save some money and do the finishing yourself!

    Our primed covers are ready to finish out of the box. For an even smoother finish, you can choose to sand the primer with 220 grit sandpaper. If you want to paint your cover a custom color and don't want the hassle of priming and sanding, this is the option for you!

    Our white satin covers have a nice smooth finish, better than what most people can accomplish using traditional painting methods.

    We have many styles and options available to meet just about anyones taste! When designing a heater cover for a particular space, it is all about balance. One of the best compliments we can get is that the cover looks like it's always been there. Proper design requires simplicity. The goal aesthetically when covering your heater is to remove an eyesore, not create a new focal point of your room. All of our designs offer this simplicity, but still offer a touch of elegance that will tie into your decor. Our covers can transform a room, yet are not designed to be the focus of the space.

    Each cover is custom made to order. No panel is ever made longer than 47". This preserves the structural integrity of the cover, as well as allows the covers to be shipped relatively inexpensively. This also gives the benefit of allowing the cover to contour to walls that may not be perfectly straight. Each section on a run of cover is divided equally. We adjust each design to be proportionate to the overall size of the cover. Each section transitions with a v groove seam

    Top Venting Option

    If your heater is running behind furniture such as a couch or have future plans to be able to better utilize this space, our top venting option may be perfect for you. Most furniture sits up off the floor leaving space for the bottom vents on the covers. The problem is that the top vent will be blocked. Our top venting option eliminates this by placing the top vent on the lid of the cover. This also gives the cover a different look which may appeal to some people over the standard front venting covers. This option should only have a small effect on heating efficiency if used under a window or other source of exterior ventilation. With this option, there is by default no overhang on the top of the cover. If you prefer to keep the 1/4" overhang, simply let us know in the notes section of your order. This option also eliminates the top front vent opening on your cover. Please note when choosing this option, that you must have a way for air to escape through the top vents. Most heaters bevel back at the top, allowing for hot air to escape through the top vents. Top venting covers are best suited for free-standing applications. While this design will still work well when installed over most existing back plates, some older cast iron as well as other styles of heater may not work with this option.

    Panel Styles


    Flat Front: Simple flat panel design without detail. Our least expensive design along with the Shaker Style.

    Standard Raised Panel: Traditional Raised panel design with rounded corners.

    Single V Raised Panel: Raised panel cut using a 90 degree v bit has square corners.

    Double V Raised Panel: Panel design with square corners. More style with a less pronounced detail.

    Shaker Style: Simple flat panel design with mock joints resembling traditional shaker construction.

    Rounded style: 90 degree v carved panel with rounded ends.

    Angular Style: 90 degree v carved panel with angled ends.

    Fancy Style: Our standard raised panel design with a styled double end. Please note that only the ends of the cover get the double end, not each panel. This style is an additional $2.00 per ft.

    Recessed Panel: Simple flat recessed panel design.

    Top Styles

    We have 3 top styles to choose from; eased (our standard option), square, or quarter round.

    Eased Edge

    Square Edge

    Rounded Edge

    Top Cut Detail

    We have 3 top cut details to choose from; rounded (standard), angular or square.

    Bottom Detail

    We have 4 bottom cut details to choose from; standard, rounded, angular and square.

  • Measuring Instructions

    Below you will find both a short video as well as pdf instructions on how to measure your heaters. If there is something that the instructions don't explain, or you simply have a question, please contact us to let us know!

    Assembly Instructions Click Here!

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